I leave as I came. Running. I managed to rest for thirty minutes on the terrace before leaving, just to pretend that I had had time to tan...

I leave, and for the first time, I leave without knowing. The carpet sale is Saturday morning. Everything is ready, the product sheets just need to be activated, I've been shooting the other new items, baskets and slippers all morning. I forgot the stools. When I noticed, I was on the doorstep...

I told myself that we would shoot them at the mill. I like the idea of shooting Moroccan stools there.

In the taxi to the airport, I took a look at Tinder. A guy said to me "I'm in Marrakech. I've gone for four days on a whim with my kid..."

I was in the taxi back to Paris. It's all a question of timing.

This morning, I started early. I had been awake since the middle of the night, since my cat suddenly wanted to sleep with me. I suspect he is secretly following @wolinskiki on Insta.

I wrote a last email to Marc Simoncini, a last attempt at something you already know won't work. I told him it's stupid, I'm told to contact Xavier Niel but Xavier doesn't start with an M.

Marc does. 

Obviously, that's not enough. 

This morning, I shot a small wicker suitcase. On it, I had Bonheur embroidered in old pink with some pompoms. The same colours as one of my first basket collections. I told myself it wasn't going to work. Who cares? It's also nice to make nods to the past. The markers. So I made ten Bonheur wicker suitcases.

I loaded up the latest Biolay album to listen to in the air. The soundtrack of the film "Et j'aime à la fureur".

The landing is scheduled for 22:50 at Orly. Before leaving, one of my suppliers gave me a basket. On it he embroidered "She just wanted to be happy".

Being here makes me deeply happy. I hope you have enjoyed it a little...

Love to you.

P.s.: tomorrow morning I'll be at M. rue Mansart at 11 o'clock. Because if you want to go to New-York, you have to give it up... there's a carpet to win. Are you coming?