Faux fur rug - Khaki


Set a course for absolute softness with the faux fur rug that takes you to the pinnacle of comfort! This remarkable plain shag rug is incredibly soft... It's irresistible as a bed runner, in the bedroom or even in the living room or TV room for an ultra-cosy corner! Barefoot, you'll appreciate its warmth and softness in summer and winter alike.

Its 100% polyester composition and machine weave make it a robust rug that's easy to live with and maintain. A light vacuuming, water and a little soap are all it takes to bring it back to life. Its fibers are extremely resistant to wear and light fading. Its silky faux-fur look is long-lasting, as is the pleasure you'll get from long enjoyment of this model that's as cozy as it is elegant.

Available in two sizes:

PM: 120 x 170 cm

GM: 160 x 230 cm

Composition: 100% polyester

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