Four years since this adventure began... At the very beginning I remember, there was just a small store of 40m2 nestled in the heart of the Montmartre hillock, a few baskets on the sidewalk and the desire to discover the wonders of Morocco across the Mediterranean. Over the years, M has grown. A first online store was born one morning in November 2018. A first website that allowed us to start selling our products beyond our neighborhood. That was already 3 years ago. The store moved down from the butte to a larger space on rue Condorcet, in Pigalle. We continued to put forward the Moroccan handicraft that we cherish so much, but not only. We looked for other furniture, other fabrics, other favorites from Italian designers, from French suppliers and from all over the world to offer you more varied collections, which fit your interiors, whether you have a house in the country or an apartment in the city.

Since the beginning, there was also in a corner of my mind the will to create an architecture studio that would allow us to accompany you in all your projects, from the simple desire to decorate a room or a living room to the complete renovation of an apartment or a house... Studio de M was born in September 2021, with my brother, Valentin Garnier, a talented young architect, at my side. And in a short time, many people have started to trust us to imagine an interior that resembles them, and that also resembles us a little... An interior where we want to curl up and enjoy each day and evening with those we love.

Four years since this adventure began, and the team, along with our premises, has grown. We are 7 today to offer you more and more novelties and more and more ideas. And we don't really want to stop here! We continue to see the future in a big way, with the dream, one day, to open a space in the heart of Manhattan; one day, when we will be a little bigger.

In the meantime, we put all our enthusiasm and energy into bringing you quality products, and customer service that we hope will be as close to you as possible. 

To all those who have accompanied us since the beginning of this adventure, I would like to say thank you. Thank you for making all this possible, thank you for trusting us, thank you for allowing us to show that when you believe in your dreams, they can become reality. 

And to all those who are joining us in this beautiful adventure, I would like to say welcome. And thank you also for giving us this chance to grow a little bit more and one day, who knows, to cross the Atlantic. Let's continue to dream together, on a misunderstanding, you never know it could work.


© Pascal Ito / for Albin Michel