Azilal carpet - 195 x 150 cm


Azilal carpet ecru and colored patterns, weft and threads of colors in cotton and wool, hand woven by our Moroccan craftsmen.

Dimensions: 195 x 150 cm

All our carpets are unique pieces woven by hand. All our carpets have bangs only on one side like all Moroccan carpets: the women who weave these exceptional pieces make knots when they start weaving, and bangs on the side where they stop their work.

Care Tip:

Your carpet may lose pile for two weeks after your purchase, this is quite normal, it is the wool threads stuck during weaving.

Regular maintenance with a dry deck brush, you rub gently to remove dust and dirt.

Do not hesitate to turn it over and shake it regularly.
In case of stain, clean immediately with water and Marseille soap.
You can also entrust it to your dry cleaner by making sure that he has a subcontractor specialized in carpet cleaning.

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