1. Preamble

The site is the property of M TO MEATPACKING in its entirety, as well as all related rights. Any reproduction, in whole or in part, is systematically subject to the authorization of the owners. However, hypertext links to the site are authorized without specific request.

2. Acceptance of conditions

The customer acknowledges having read and understood, at the time of placing the order, the special terms and conditions of sale set out herein, and expressly declares accepting them without reservation.

These general terms and conditions of sale govern the contractual relationship between m.conceptstore, a brand of M TO MEATPACKING, and its customer, and are accepted unreservedly by both parties. These general terms and conditions of sale shall prevail over any other terms and conditions appearing in any other document, unless expressly waived in advance in writing.

3. Order

Automatic recording systems are considered as proof of the nature, content and date of the order.

m.conceptstore confirms acceptance of the order to the customer at the e-mail address provided. The sale will not be concluded until the order has been confirmed. m.conceptstore reserves the right to cancel any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute concerning the payment of a previous order. The information provided by the purchaser when placing an order is binding: in the event of an error in the recipient's contact details, the seller cannot be held responsible for the impossibility of delivering the product.

4. Withdrawal

In the event of an apparent defect, the buyer has the right to return the product in accordance with the conditions set out in this document.

The customer has 14 days from receipt of the goods to request a return. In the event of an exchange or refund, the new item(s) must be returned in their original packaging, undamaged, with all accessories, instructions and documentation to the following address:


11 bis rue Mansart

75009 PARIS

In the event of exercising the right of withdrawal, m.conceptstore is obliged to reimburse the sums paid by the customer, free of charge, with the exception of shipping and return costs. Refunds are due within a maximum of 15 days.

Items ordered specifically for you, such as carpets for special sales of Marrakech carpets or furniture ordered for you from the manufacturer, are neither returned nor exchanged and do not benefit from the 14-day right of withdrawal provided for by law.

For all return requests, please send an email to customer service at [email protected] and we will deal with your request as soon as possible.

5. Price

The price is expressed in euros or US dollars depending on your geographical area. The price indicated on product sheets does not include shipping.

The price indicated in the order confirmation is the final price, inclusive of all taxes and including VAT for France and EU countries. This price includes the price of the products, the costs of handling, packaging and preservation of the products, the costs of transport and commissioning

If you live outside Europe, please create an account on m.conceptstore.com to identify your postal address. Our software will then take your location into account, and our product prices will be shown exclusive of VAT.

6. Payment

The price invoiced to the customer is the price indicated on the order confirmation sent by m.conceptstore.

The price of products is payable in cash on the day the order is placed.

To ensure the security of your payments, we use Monetico, one of the most reliable online payment solutions.

With this system, your card payment is made directly on the secure server on our behalf.

At no time will your card number, or any other confidential data linked to it, be communicated to us.

Exchanges are encrypted using the PCI-DSS-certified secure platform, the most stringent security standards in the payment industry.

Furthermore, m.conceptstore reserves the right to refuse any order from a customer with whom a dispute exists.

7. Disputes

This contract is governed by French law. m.conceptstore cannot be held responsible for damages of any kind, whether material, immaterial or bodily, which may result from malfunction or misuse of the products sold. In any event, m.conceptstore's liability shall be limited to the amount of the order. In the event of difficulties in the application of the present contract, the purchaser has the possibility, before taking any legal action, of seeking an amicable solution, notably with the help of: a professional association in the sector, a consumer association or any other advisor of his choice.

Please note that seeking an amicable solution does not interrupt the "short period" of the legal warranty, nor the duration of the contractual warranty. As a general rule, and subject to the discretion of the courts, compliance with the provisions of this contract relating to the contractual warranty assumes that the buyer honors his financial commitments to the seller.

Complaints or disputes will always be received with attentive benevolence, good faith always being presumed in those who take the trouble to explain their situation. In the event of a dispute, the customer should first contact the company for an amicable solution.

Upon delivery of the parcel, it is imperative that the recipient carefully examine the parcel and its contents, and make precise and detailed reservations in order to report any damage to the professional and/or service having delivered the parcel. Please keep the photo of the delivery box with the Colissimo number visible and legible, otherwise no claim for reimbursement or compensation in the event of breakage can be considered.

8. Warranty

M.conceptstore's liability is systematically limited to the value of the product in question, at the date of sale, with no possibility of recourse against the brand or company producing the product.

In all cases, the customer benefits from the legal guarantee against hidden defects (art.1625 and following of the French Civil Code). Provided the buyer can prove the hidden defect, the seller is legally bound to repair all the consequences (art.1641 et seq. of the French Civil Code); if the buyer goes to court, he must do so within a "short period" from the discovery of the hidden defect (art.1648 of the French Civil Code).

You can contact customer service by sending an email to [email protected]. We promise to get back to you within 72 hours.

9. Legal information

The personal information collected for the purposes of distance selling is compulsory, as this information is essential for processing and routing orders, and drawing up invoices and warranty contracts. Failure to provide this information will result in the order not being validated. In accordance with the French Data Protection Act (Loi Informatique et Libertés), the processing of nominative customer data has been declared to the French Data Protection Authority (Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés - CNIL) under registration number 1838394. Customers have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning them (article 34 of the French law of January 6, 1978), which they may exercise by contacting m.conceptstore. In addition, m.conceptstore undertakes not to communicate, whether free of charge or in exchange for payment, customer details to third parties.

10. Privacy policy

10.1 Privacy and Cookie Policy

This Privacy and Cookie Policy sets forth the terms and conditions under which M TO MEATPACKING SARL, a company with share capital of 10,000 euros, whose registered office is located at 11 bis rue Mansart 75 009 Paris, France, registered in the Paris Trade Register under number 511 141 566 R.C.S., which currently carries on sales activities in France under the trade name m.conceptstore, processes the personal data you provide when using the www. m.conceptstore.com website.

By using the www. m.conceptstore.com, whenever you provide us with or we are obliged to access any type of information which, by virtue of its characteristics, enables us to identify you, namely : your first name, last name, e-mail address, billing or delivery address, telephone number, type of device or credit or debit card number, IP address (hereinafter "Personal Data"), whether for the purposes of browsing, purchasing our products or using our services or features, you will be subject to the Privacy and Cookies Policy and the General Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereinafter jointly the "Terms and Conditions"), which apply at all times and should be consulted to ensure that you accept them.

10.2 Personal data collection and processing purposes

Please note that before using any of our services or features, you must read this Privacy and Cookie Policy, as well as our General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Failure to provide certain mandatory information may prevent you from registering as a user or using certain features or services available on www. m.conceptstore.com.

The user (you) hereby assures that the personal data provided is true and accurate, while agreeing to communicate any changes or modifications in this respect. If you provide us with the personal data of a third party, you will be responsible for informing them and obtaining their consent regarding the transmission of this information for the purposes indicated in the corresponding sections of this Privacy Policy and relating to Cookies.

Any loss or damage caused to www. m.conceptstore.com or to any third party as a result of the provision of erroneous, inaccurate or incomplete information on registration forms will be the sole responsibility of the user.

In addition to your personal data, M TO MEATPACKING collects your billing or delivery address, password, telephone number, connection and browsing data, order history, basket created, preferences, wish lists, products viewed, delivery incidents and complaints. The data collected is used for the following purposes:

- To manage your registration as a user of www. m.conceptstore.com. The personal data you provide to us will be used to identify you as a user of the m.conceptstore.com site and will give you access to the various products, services and features that are available to registered users.

- The establishment, observance and fulfilment of the purchase contract for the products you have acquired or any other contract you have entered into on www. m.conceptstore.com.

The duration of data processing shall be either (i) that provided for by law; or (ii) a period of three years from the end of the commercial relationship with the customer or prospect; or (iii) until the purpose applicable to a specific piece of data ceases to exist. For example, data relating to your orders will be processed for as long as the Data Controller may need to retain it in accordance with applicable laws, and will then be deleted once this legitimate purpose ceases to exist.

10.3 Newsletter subscription

If you have subscribed to our newsletter, you may receive offers and information from m.conceptstore by e-mail, depending on the choices you have made when creating or consulting your account, or during the order process (in particular to keep you informed of our latest news and benefits available to you).

You may unsubscribe from this newsletter at any time by clicking on the "unsubscribe" link in the footer of each newsletter and following the instructions provided in each of our messages.

10.4 Data protection rights

M TO MEATPACKING undertakes to respect the confidentiality of your personal data and to guarantee the exercise of your rights.

In accordance with the French law n° 78-17, dated January 6, 1978 modified, relating to data processing, files and freedoms, you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition. To do so, simply write to us:

- using the online form : https://mparis.com/nous-contacter

- or by post to the following address: M TO MEATPACKING 11 bis, rue Mansart 75009 Paris - France.

- indicating the reason for your request as well as your surname, first name and e-mail address.

10.5 Other necessary uses of your personal data

The data collected on the www. m.conceptstore.com site is intended exclusively for M TO MEATPACKING.

It may be transmitted to subcontracting companies used by M TO MEATPACKING for the execution of services and orders, in particular management, execution, processing or after-sales service. In such a situation, M TO MEATPACKING ensures that these companies agree to process the information collected on the site www. m.conceptstore.com exclusively for the needs of M TO MEATPACKING and this in full compliance with the law "Informatique et Libertés" of January 6, 1978 amended in 2004, including implementing appropriate measures to secure and protect the confidentiality of data.

By accepting this Privacy Policy and relative to Cookies, you expressly authorize us to process and share your personal data with the subcontracting companies used by M TO MEATPACKING.

10.6 Information on cookies

On m.conceptstore.com, we use Cookies, which are small files containing information about your browsing, for the sole purpose of facilitating it. Please read our Cookie Information to learn more about the Cookies we use, their purpose and other important information.

Cookies are necessary to make browsing easier and more enjoyable. They do not cause any damage to your computer.

Although this policy uses the general term "Cookies" as the primary method of information storage used on www. m.conceptstore.com, the browser's "local storage" space is also used for the same purposes as Cookies. All the information contained in this section also applies to this "local storage" space.

Cookies are an essential part of the way our website functions. The main purpose of our cookies is to optimize your browsing experience. For example, they enable us to remember your preferences (language, country, etc.) during browsing and subsequent access. The data collected by means of cookies enables us to improve our site, by estimating numbers and patterns of use, adapting the site to the interests of each user, speeding up searches, and so on. We may occasionally, with your prior consent, use cookies, tags or similar devices to obtain information that enables us to show you, either from w www. m.conceptstore.com, or from third-party websites or by any other means, advertisements targeted to your browsing habits.

The Cookies we use do not store any sensitive personal information, such as your address, password, credit or debit card details, etc..

The information stored in the Cookies from www. m.conceptstore.com is used exclusively by our services, with the exception of so-called "third-party cookies", which are used and managed by external entities in order to provide us with the services we have requested from them with the aim of improving our services and the user's browsing experience.

If you do not wish to use cookies, you must deactivate the use of cookies in your browser and then delete the stored cookies associated with www. m.conceptstore.com. You can perform this operation at any time.

You can also restrict, block or delete Cookies from www. m.conceptstore.com by modifying your browser settings. Cookies are usually configured in the "Preferences" or "Tools" menus of your browser. For further information on configuring cookies, please consult your browser's "Help" menu.

The m.conceptstore.com website uses several types of cookies:

- Navigation cookies

From the moment you first access the site, these cookies enable it to function correctly and help you to view content on your device, recognizing your language and the country market from which you have chosen to connect. If you are a registered user, they will enable you to be recognized and to access the services offered in the dedicated areas. Navigation cookies are technical cookies, necessary for the site to function properly.

- Functional cookies

These cookies enable us, on the basis of your express request, to recognize you the next time you log on, so that you don't have to enter your login details each time you visit the site.

If you have added items to your shopping cart and have closed the session without finalizing the purchase and without deleting them, these cookies enable you to resume shopping on your next visit to the site (for a limited time) and to retrieve the selected items.

Functional cookies are not essential to the operation of the site, but they do improve the quality and experience of browsing

- Analytical cookies

These cookies are used to collect data in anonymous, aggregated form. They are used to compile statistical analyses of our site users' browsing habits. We process the results of these analyses anonymously and exclusively for statistical purposes.

- Marketing and direct targeting cookies and third-party cookies

These cookies are used to create user profiles in order to send commercial messages corresponding to the preferences expressed during the visit, or to improve the browsing experience: while you are browsing our site, these cookies enable us to present you with products likely to be of interest to you, or similar to those you have viewed. Third-party cookies are those sent to you by trusted third-party companies. These cookies enable us to present you with our commercial offer on other affiliated websites (advertising retargeting). In the case of third-party cookies, we do not control the information provided by the cookie, nor do we have access to such data. This information is entirely controlled by the third-party companies, in accordance with the details provided in their policies.

- Social network cookies

These cookies are necessary to enable your social network account to interact with our site. They are useful, for example, to enable you to express your opinion and share it with your friends on social networks. Social network cookies are not necessary for navigation.