We don't die of love
  • We don't die of love

We don't die of love


Novel published on August 22, editions Plon, First Novel Award 2019.

Could it end differently?

She has just moved in with her man. In a big white loft that they have renovated. She is to be married in June. The date is blocked off on the hallway calendar.
He's moving in with his wife and little girl on the second floor of Building B. The work is almost done.
They run into each other for the first time on a Sunday in November on the front porch. She sees him enter, he is against the light. She feels her body empty. He looks at her. He has difficulty speaking.
Later, they will say to each other that this is when it all began. They will say to themselves that it was vain to fight.
There are stories against which one does not fight.


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